The illusion of child protection: When politicians, law enforcement, and parents fail

Most current laws, including laws mandating registries, are of no use here or in any other context. They only serve to make politicians appear to be protecting children, they give law enforcement an excuse to abuse a segment of the population, and they give parents a false sense of security. The gap between intentions and outcomes needs to be addressed.

The illusion of safety: Why registries are not the true solutions we seek

The driving force behind the proliferation of registries is often political gain, rather than a sincere commitment to holistic solutions. By instilling fear of the “other,” politicians can exploit public concerns to consolidate support. This perpetuates a cycle in which society remains divided, individuals are stigmatized based on mere inclusion in a registry, and problems continue to fester.

Nebraskans Unafraid Response to the ALI Proposed Changes

The registry must be abolished. There are plenty of studies that show that people forced to register are very rarely the ones who get arrested for a sex offense. The next arrest for a sex offense in your community will most likely be of someone not on the registry.