How to Handle Scam Phone Calls

If the caller says they have a warrant for your arrest, it is a scam. If they tell you there is a problem with your registry information, it is a scam. If they tell you a little money will clear things up, it is a scam.

The Truth About Compliance Checks: Debunking Myths; Protecting Your Rights

You have already reported to the sheriff — at least once, twice, or four times a year – what your address is and that is all that is required of you. We know of no statutory requirement in Nebraska that you confirm your address – or any other information – when police come to your door.

Sex offender registry makes reentry a balancing act of restrictions without resources

People who reenter society without friends or family on the outside are given an almost impossible task of finding a way to make it with restrictions and without resources. People with sex offenses are set up to fail.