The registry does not protect anyone

  • Registry protects no one from sexual assault.
  • The registry does do massive harm while it is protecting no one.
  • The registry encourages vigilantes and vandals.
  • The registry should be abolished.

The Nebraska sex offense registry does nothing to protect anyone — not even state senators.

We urge the Legislature to recognize this and reconsider the utility of the registry. It does not prevent sex crimes; it does not protect the public.

In February, when allegations of Senator Groene’s misconduct arose, several women of the Legislature told stories of assaults they had suffered. The registry did not protect those women, either. The registry does not protect or prevent.

What does the registry do? It gives permission to the community to discriminate against people listed there. It is difficult for a family to find housing when their address will be on the registry. It is difficult for a parent to support his or her family when employers refuse to hire someone listed on the registry. It is difficult for a family to worship together when a church insists on singling out the member who is listed, sometimes prohibiting their attendance at services.

The registry makes it easy for vandals and vigilantes to target people whose address is on the registry. We saw that happen when Omahan Mattieo Condoluci was murdered in May 2020 and when Steven Weaver was killed near McCook in October of the same year.

It is time for the Legislature to end the registry.

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