Nebraska Story #8: Alejandro

Nebraska law opens the door to harassment, and leaves it standing wide open.

  • State lawmakers complacent and complicit on never-ending punishment.
  • Contractor messed up job, threatened retaliation when confronted.
  • When your sentence is complete, punishment should end.

This is a series of Nebraska stories about life on the registry. All names have been changed, even when the registrant said we could use his or her name. But the laws that cause so much grief are very real.

Alejandro hired a contractor for a home renovation project. When the contractor fouled up the job, Alejandro fired him. The contractor then threatened to go to Alejandro’s homeowners association to expose him as a registrant.

Nebraska makes this kind of harassment possible by publishing names, addresses, and photos on the registry website.

Nebraska must stop treating registrants as if they deserve the harm the registry makes possible.

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