Grand-standing Georgia Sheriff Trying to Pull Stupid Halloween Stunt Slapped Down by Judge

A grand-standing Georgia sheriff who tried to pull a stupid Halloween stunt was slapped down by a federal judge when registered individuals fought back. Click here for the story.

An excerpt from the ruling:

. . . they (the plaintiffs suing the sheriff) have served their terms of imprisonment and have, as far as the law is concerned, paid their debts to society. But because they have been classified as sex offenders, they remain subject to Georgia’s lifelong requirement that they register with their local sheriff. But by all accounts, they are rehabilitated. They live productive, law- abiding lives. Two of the named Plaintiffs live with their parents; one has a six-year-old daughter living with him. The State of Georgia, under its system for classifying sex offenders, has not determined that they pose an increased risk of again committing a sexual offense.
Yet their Sheriff finds it necessary to post signs in front of their homes
announcing to the public that their homes are dangerous for children. The Sheriff’s
decision is not based on any determination that the Plaintiffs are dangerous. Nor is the Sheriff’s sign-posting founded on Georgia law. Rather, the Sheriff’s decision is based solely on the fact that the Plaintiffs’ names remain on Georgia’s registry of sex

The judge granted the plaintiffs’ motion and ruled that the sheriff may not post signs in these individuals’ yards. Read the complete ruling here.