Help Us Register Voters

Nebraskans Unafraid has embarked upon a voter registration campaign, and this is your invitation to help accomplish our goals.

Former felons in Nebraska (treason excepted) have their voting rights restored two years after they have completed the terms of their sentences. We want to ensure that everyone knows about this. As our numbers grow, we can wield a growing impact in elections.

This becomes necessary when laws are written with the specific intent of inflicting damage on you and your family.

We want to use every good communication tool possible to accomplish this necessary task and spread this information. You can be a key part of the effort by making a financial contribution to Nebraskans Unafraid.

A mailing to every person on the registry list will cost us several thousand dollars. Please consider helping us to defray this cost. Make your check payable to Nebraskans Unafraid and mail it to us at P.O. Box 6705, Omaha, Nebraska 68106.

Donors to Nebraskans Unafraid receive our hard-copy monthly newsletter, Ninety-five %. Thank you for supporting our community.

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