Notice to the World: Those on the Registry Are NOT Second-class Citizens

by Sandy Rozek, NARSOL

This is a special announcement about some special people.

People who are affected by the registry laws are doing so many wonderful things.

We have a group of great people in our Humans on the Registry Project – and we want more. Please check it out and apply if you have a positive story to tell.

We have registered citizens making such a difference with podcasts and speaking engagements – big shout-outs to Michael McKay and Andy, Guy Hamilton-Smith and Philip.

We have a group of talented writers who contribute to our blog and to the Digest – too many to try to name for fear of leaving out someone.

And now – now we have a very special registrant and his wife who are stepping up and taking action due to a situation of blatant discrimination. Rather than my telling their story, I have received Keith and Carolyn’s permission to share this notice that they sent to a group of us.

I am writing you this quick note to keep all of you in the loop on what I am doing with the Website “NEXTDOOR.”  I am sure you all have heard of it since they are the social platform for most communities in the United States for home owners in their specific communities.  

 My wife and I received an email today stating that she is now pretty much banned from their site since she has a registered sex offender living in her household. This email came after three years of my wife being an active, participating member of NEXTDOOR and more than 23 years after my conviction and successful completion of my sentence. Out of nowhere they are judging her due to her association with me. 

 I cannot continue to tolerate people, businesses, and agencies misconstruing the laws and making my family suffer for things they have no control over nor have any fault in. To be guilty by association is becoming a common thing, and unless someone starts standing up, it’s going to continue to happen to more and more registered families.

I am sending a PRE-SUIT EMAIL back to NEXTDOOR. My wife is sending it from her email address since that is the address NEXTDOOR has on file. This is a big deal for our family because NEXTDOOR has been a way for us as a family to defend ourselves from any vigilante tactics from our community. We are successful business owners and very active in our community, and we have a very good relationship with our local authorities. This email from NEXTDOOR was like a slap in the face, and we will continue to pursue this issue out of principle and will finance it through our own pockets. We will take this one all the way if necessary.   

The names of those I am sending this to are on this brief only as a shock factor to NEXTDOOR so they see the seriousness of our intent and our position. Besides, if this issue continues into litigation, you are the people I want educated on what’s going on from the beginning. I may eventually call upon one of you for advice one day as to which direction I should go next if it comes down to it. I have not decided on the attorney I am going to use if I pursue the litigation side of this.  Because they are a California company, I have considered using a California attorney.  I will do whatever is necessary and best.

 I appreciate all of you and all you have done. I don’t take for granted what you have accomplished for all of us with families and with our issues living under the registry. I only hope that more registered citizens stand up and become half the warriors that all of you have proven to be. It has been an honor working with you all, and I thank each of you for the peace you have given to us registered citizens and our families in enabling us to live a more normal life in this world.   

If you have any questions or comments, please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me or my family.

I applaud the courage of Keith and Carolyn. We must all applaud their courage and their determination.

We form groups, and we create and join organizations, and we band together for support, security, and help, but when it comes down to it, the bravest actions are taken alone by individuals such as Keith and Carolyn who refuse to be treated as second class citizens. Bravo!