Conference call to address scams targeting registered citizens

NARSOL will be hosting a conference call July 19 that may be of interest, to address the reports of telephone scams targeting registered citizens in Nebraska and across the nation.


By Sandy . . . The use of the registry by vigilantes to target registered citizens is one of the more harmful and deplorable consequences of public sex offender registration. We all know that registrants have, for many years, been harassed, vandalized, assaulted, and murdered.
A new threat started developing in early 2018 and is now sweeping the country. Registrants are being made the victims of telephone scams by those pretending to be in law enforcement in attempts, some successful, to extort money. We are sure that this has happened in more states than those of which we are aware, but we have verified scam activity in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.
NARSOL in Action, in conjunction with Registry Matters podcasts, will host a three-hour teleconference, similar to last year’s Halloween conference call, and invite those who have been targeted for this nefarious scheme or have direct knowledge of such an attempt to call in. Callers may remain anonymous while on air if they choose.
Joining primary hosts Larry and Andy (of Registry Matters) on the show will be several NARSOL state affiliate leaders and advocates from states across the nation. We are also inviting other sex offender advocacy groups outside of NARSOL to join us. This assault on our registered citizens is such an affront and outrage that we feel an all-out concerted effort by advocates for the rights of those on the registry is more than indicated; it is essential.
You can get more information and register to attend this free conference call. Join us if you are able.
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