Uproar over former registrant allowed to volunteer at Iowa school

The Des Moines Register has an article about concern over a former Iowa teacher, who was convicted 20 years ago of exploitation of a minor for recording female students changing in a school restroom, now allowed to volunteer at his children’s school. The man served a short prison sentence and was on Iowa’s sex offender registry for 10 years. He is no longer required to register.

_____ has volunteered for Mid-Prairie schools since 2015. District officials granted him special permission despite his previous conviction. 

The school district did not notify parents about _____’s past or the decision to allow him to volunteer. Superintendent Mark Schneider said he did inform school principals that _____ must be with another adult at all times. 

_____, who has two children who attend junior high school in the district, has chaperoned elementary school field trips and built sets for the last four high school plays, Schneider said.

Some of the man’s former students say he shouldn’t be allowed to volunteer at a school, but he has received letters of support from, among others, his pastor, a former prosecutor, and a district judge.

Read more in the Des Moines Register.

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