Missouri legislature considers tiered registry

A report in the Columbia Missourian says a bill that would create a tiered registry system is advancing through the Missouri legislature. Under the state’s current system, nearly everyone is on the list for life.

A Senate committee heard a bill that already has passed the House which would do three things: 

  • Require stricter background checks for those wishing to work in a childcare facility.
  • Impose a mandatory life sentence without eligibility for parole for a person convicted of a predatory sexual offense.
  • Create a tiered system to allow sex offenders to petition to be removed from the sex offender registry.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol registered sex offender report, which is updated daily, indicates that there are around 15,500 sex offenders in the state who are not in prison.  

(Rep. Kurt) Bahr’s bill, HB 2042, would create a tiered system, similar to what the federal government uses, to make it possible for people who have committed an offense that falls into the first two tiers to petition to have their name removed from the registry.

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