Why I oppose sex offender laws

It’s a perspective that is not often considered and frequently overlooked. Read why a victim of sexual abuse eloquently explains opposes the harsh sex offender laws in place in the United States.

To many people, policies aimed at sex offenders make sense. They just do. Because everyone knows that sex offenders will invariably rack up more victims, they are doomed to reoffend, and we should just lock them up or kill them. There is no cure for pedophilia, so sex offenders are a lost cause that need to be shot. 

However… I do not think the reality is nearly that simple, and how I came to that conclusion is likewise not simple. When I share that I am a victim of sexual abuse, people also seem to automatically think that I then hate and want to punish sex offenders. There is almost an expectation that, because I am a victim, I should take a certain stance on our policies and how we approach sex crimes. So, when I share that our sex offender policies are not working, and why, I think the tendency for people is to doubt that I am a victim, and accuse me of being a sex offender (how rude!).

Read his full argument here.