Illinois court rules lifetime sex offender registration "grossly disproportionate punishment" for 21 year old

Another court says the registry is punishment. Via the Florida Action Committee:

The opinion in People v. Tetter, which came out a couple days ago, is another great decision to add to our growing list of cases where courts have found the registry to be “punishment” and conditions of the registry have crossed the line into irrational.  

Kyle Tetter was 21 when he met a girl on an online social media app. Her profile said she was 18. Even though he later learned she was 16, they continued the consensual relationship and eventually she became pregnant and her mother reported him to the police.

Tetter was sentenced to 180 days in county jail, 4 years’ sex offender probation, and lifetime on the registry. 

The appeal directly addresses the question, “Whether Sex Offender Statutes Constitute Punishment.”

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Read the decision here.

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