Do sex offenders deserve special mistreatment in prison?

Shelly Stow’s latest post at her With Justice for All blog hits close to home.

Closing our eyes to prisoner abuse must stop.

Prisons are not supposed to be fun or pleasant. They are designed for restrictions and punishment intended to bring about rehabilitation.

They are not intended to facilitate, even encourage, vigilante activities against those whom other prisoners choose to mistreat.

Men in prison for convictions involving sexual offenses are often considered “fair game” for mistreatment and violence, and all too often prison personnel appear to turn a blind eye to this.

This is something that those in charge of Nebraska prisons should well know. The state is still facing repercussions from the 2015 Mother’s Day riot at the Tecumseh State Prison — during which two sex offenders were murdered. A former inmate, who says he saved a third inmate from being killed durong the riot, is now suing the state over the riot.

Timothy Schrader’s attorney, Joy Shiffermiller, says he risked his own safety saving a third inmate from being beaten to death May 10, 2015, at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. 

She said Schrader, a 44-year-old who was released in July, and other protective-custody inmates were left to fend for themselves when other inmates set off on a violent, destructive riot.

Two and a half years later, no charges have been filed in the deaths of Shon Collins and Donald Peacock, who were found beaten to death when prison staff regained control the next morning. 

Read more about the lawsuit at the Lincoln Journal-Star online. 

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  1. Anonymous

    All the cameras throughout the Correction system and every time an incident happens within a housing unit or on the yard the cameras never checked. Doesn't anyone ever think that strange and why do the correctional staff ever witness anything. When inmates witnessed something they consider statements untruthful because all inmates are liars. So yes sex offenders are fair game within the correctional system sometimes even in protective custody. The theft of property and intimidation starts within a few months than the physical abuse. The prison system already knows this it's nothing new. It's just never really documented or investigated properly and it never will be. The Nebraska riots and death of sex offender inmates will go nowhere, It will be blamed on shortage of staff and poor pay. They don't want to look at the real problem.

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