Call Your Attorney If Someone Leaves a Piece of Orange Paper on Your Door, Then Tell Us About It

Someone is going around Omaha (and possibly other communities) and leaving orange pieces of paper on the doors of the residences of Registered Citizens. The paper claims to come from the Nebraska State Patrol, and the printing on it says you “must” call in response to the piece of paper.


Nebraskans Unafraid is checking to find out if anyone is legally required to respond to these pieces of paper. We are checking with attorneys, and we have one response so far. That attorney said it is likely that if you are not on probation or parole, you probably are not legally required to respond.

We are seeking guidance from other attorneys and legal experts, and we will report here what they tell us. Watch this space.

We have one report of a hate crime prompted by one of these pieces of paper. A neighbor saw the orange paper on the door, then defaced the door with hate speech. If this happens to you, report the crime to law enforcement. It is against the law for anyone to use your registry status to harm you.

If you get one of these pieces of paper on your door and you happen to see it before it is blown away or stolen (who knows what can happen to a piece of paper that is carelessly left behind?), do not mindlessly call the number on the paper. We don’t really know who is on the other end. Call your attorney first, and get guidance from her or him before you do anything else. 

Then tell us your story. Email us here. We are going to pursue this harmful trend and report on this blog what we find out.

If this is a law enforcement initiative, it is NOT aimed at making our community safer. (As the hate crime report above illustrates, it makes our community more dangerous). Some law enforcement agencies engage in these so-called “compliance checks” so they can pad some numbers that they put into grant applications. So it basically is about law enforcement trying to grab a piece of the pork-barrel pie. These are your tax dollars. Do you want them used this way?

Meanwhile, blessings on you and your family.

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