Registry leaves female registrants open to abuse

In a report for Vice, Serena Solomon writes about how being listed on the sex offender registry can leave female registrants open to various forms of abuse and harassment.

“Many people tend to think most women on the registry are like Debra Lafave”—a sex offender who made headlines because of her looks as well as her crime—”and most men are uncontrollable pedophiles,” said Derek Logue, a registered sex offender who also advocates for the rights of sex offenders. The stereotypes are “just not true,” he added. Logue said he has never known any male sex offender to attract the type of attention described by the six female registrants I interviewed for this piece. The online comments on news stories about female teachers having sex with students, and articles like the Houston Press‘s “The 10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List” give an idea of the infatuation some men have with these women.

Read the full article online at Vice.

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