Shawna: A life on the sex offender registry

Courtesy of the Marshall Project, filmmaker David Feige offers a compelling look at the impacts of the sex offender registry on a young mother in Oklahoma. 

Taken from Feige’s documentary “Untouchable.”

I met Shawna a year into filming “Untouchable,” a documentary that examines sex offender laws through the lives of individuals on the sex offender registry. It was at an Oklahoma treatment center where she was participating in a mandatory group therapy session. She was there because fifteen years earlier, Shawna was deemed to be a sexual predator after pleading guilty to having consensual sex with a 14-year-old boy when she was 19. 

Listening to Shawna’s story, it became immediately clear that she was far from the kind of person we imagine when we think about sexual predators. She wasn’t some serial rapist or violent pedophile, but rather a young woman who happened to hook up with the wrong guy on her birthday. And as we continued to work on the film, we consistently found others consigned to the margins of society and slapped with a “sex offender” label that didn’t quite seem to fit.

Read and watch the full story at the Marshall Project.

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  1. the film the marshal project should be showing is documenting that a sex fender is in a time parallel with a jew in Nazi Germany short of a gas chamber

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