Federal Judge finds Colorado Sex Offender registry unconstitutional

Another federal judge has ruled against another state’s sex offender registry.

Judge Richard Matsch declared Colorado’s SORA laws violate the constitutional rights of three registrants, ruling that it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

Allison Ruttenberg, the registrants attorney, is quoted in this report about the decision.

“Making them at risk for vigilantes’ action to have their houses burned down, beaten up or even killed that is cruel and unusual punishment,” … “There’s not a single crime in Colorado that has been solved because of the sex offender registry. Sex offenders have probably the lowest recidivism rate of any felon and to single them out for this type of public ridicule and registration is irrational. It doesn’t do anything to keep our community safer,” she said.

Read commentary on the decision from NARSOL here.

Read the decision here.

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