Lincoln Fearless meeting September 11

The Lincoln FEARLESS meeting, normally held the first Monday each month, will be one week later than normal in September, due to the Labor Day holiday.  Fearless will meet at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, September 11, at the Calvary United Methodist Church, 1610 S. 11th Street in Lincoln.

Registered citizens, their families, and friends, are invited to share stories and learn from others dealing with life on the registry.

Join Lincoln Fearless on September 11!

1 thought on “Lincoln Fearless meeting September 11

  1. Public assitance programs seem to exclude the sex offender even programs designed for felons seem to exclude the S.O. seems changes need to be made on all levels of goverment the first change that needs focus is holding goverment accoutable to resolve on going issue of all levels of the goverment. REps are allowed to transfer callS to the other goverment reps. This circle of no representation is wrong but allowed to be winked aside by all goverment levels. No one goverment level could resolve or seem to even give due attention to: unemployment benefits need to extended for the S.O. due to the extended length in finding employment, housing like section 8 are non existant, no help with background checks housing charges for rental properties (WHICH ARE NOT REFUNDABLE AND MOST LIKLY EXCLUDE THE S.O. Anyway) SNSP or foodstamp program requirments are set unfairly for poeple who do not have children.

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