Registered sex offender, landlord, provides safe hosing for others

We need more landlords like this, as reported in the Telegraph of Wocester, Massachusetts.

WARE – Many of the 23 registered Level 3 sex offenders who live in Ware rent from another Level 3 sex offender who owns several properties and plans to provide a home for other offenders who need help. 

Joel Pentlarge, 67, a disbarred attorney and former town official, declined to say how many of his tenants are Level 3 sex offenders, the category considered the highest risk of reoffending. 

“Not enough,” he said during a recent interview in a basement apartment in his four-unit complex at 14 Park St. that also serves as his office. Another Level 3 sex offender lists the unit as his secondary place of residence. 

One of Mr. Pentlarge’s tenants is convicted sex offender and former priest Paul Shanley.  A key quote from the article, and a point that is often overlooked.

“I think members of any group that is discriminated against should help each other,” he said. “Obviously, if someone is getting out (of prison) and has a safe and secure place to live, hopefully a job, and access to appropriate services, that substantially reduces their chances of reoffending.

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