Court (again) says Nebraska can’t list teen on sex offender registry

A federal court on Monday upheld a previous ruling prohibiting the Nebraska State Patrol from listing a 15-year-old boy on the sex offender registry.

Attorney Joshua Weir, who represented the boy and his family, said Monday that common sense finally prevailed. 

He said he didn’t realize that the State Patrol was putting minors — whose cases were handled in juvenile court in other states and who later moved to Nebraska — on the public registry until this case came up.

The state was seeking clarification from the court regarding the state’s law which requires all sex offenders who move to Nebraska from another state to register in Nebraska, regardless of age. 

Monday’s decision is a victory for more than one family.

There are about 175 juveniles on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry, about 30 of whom are in the same situation as A.W., the boy in this case. 

Spokesman Cody Thomas said in an email that the State Patrol “has reviewed the ruling and has begun the process to remove affected individuals from the registry.”

Read more about the decision in the Lincoln Journal-Star.

Read the ruling here.

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