Wyoming to make sex offenders pay for costs of registry

As funds from  a previous federal grant dry up the state of Wyoming is turning to sex offenders to pay the cost of the registry. 

According to a report in the Jackson Hole News & Guide, registrants will have to pay when they register and when they report any changes like a new job, address, or vehicle.  If you’re a registrant, you may want to avoid even visiting the state of Wyoming.

“Say we get a tourist come in from out of town who isn’t currently registered in Wyoming,” Teton County Sheriff’s Sgt. Todd Stanyon said. “It’s going to cost them $150 bucks to register with us for initial registration. Say they stay for two weeks. Then when they deregister to tell us they’re leaving, they’re going to have to pay the $31.25.” 

To be fair, the sheriff doesn’t seem sold on the merits of the new law.

“I think the bureaucracy it created is going to exceed the benefit of the money,” Stanyon said. “It makes it tough on everybody.” 

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