Parenting polices relaxed for Colorado RSOs

A 2014 court ruling is prompting Colorado to relax stringent laws that can often prevent registered sex offenders from having contact with their own children. 

Among the judges responsible for the 2014 ruling is current U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

The panel ruled that the constitutional rights of an Oklahoma man being released from prison for possession of child pornography were violated when a judge required him to get approval from the probation department before having contact with his youngest daughter.

The judge failed to make specific findings as to why restricting contact with the daughter was warranted, the panel ruled. There was no evidence the man had “abused or sexually molested children,” and he had “had a positive relationship with four of his five children,” the panel found.

According to this report in the Denver Post, Colorado officials have been working to change the rules in order to comply with the ruling.

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