Really, what are traveling pedophiles?

A response to New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith, who released a statement marking the one year anniversary of the passage of International Megan’s Law.

According to Smith who met with a delegation from Thailand which included Ambassador Pisan Manawapal and representatives for the Royal Thai Police, gratitude for the law was expressed. Purportedly 160 convicted sex offenders tried to enter Thailand during the past year. Worldwide 1,780 notifications of “pedophile travel” were sent to 64 countries, particularly those known to be destinations for child sex tourism.Now, my first issue is with Mr.Smith’s terminology.  He seems to believe that all sex offenders are pedophiles and then, to stir the pot even more, has drummed up a scary new term, “traveling pedophile”.I would think one needs to be somewhat educated to be a state representative, but Mr. Smith may prove me wrong here.

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