Putting Trump’s Travel Ban and IML into Perspective

Online commentary at Fight AWA linking President Donald Trump’s recent travel ban to International Megan’s Law.

Trump’s Travel Ban was eerily similar to the IML passed in February 2016 by the use of the wrong tools to address the stated problem and thereby expending political capital in exchange for real human lives. The President authorized the revocation of tens of thousands of existing visas and denial to millions of citizens of seven countries that had no ties to the small number of terrorist attacks in the U.S.    Trump and his cabinet argue that the travel ban is absolutely necessary for national security and warned that “many very bad and dangerous people” might enter the country.Sound familiar?  The same rationale was used to put IML in place, except of course that the stated purpose was to prevent child sex tourism abroad.

U.S. courts have acted swiftly to temporarily block the travel ban. No such luck as of yet with efforts to challenge IML.

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