Nebraska Lawmakers Should Consider Facts, NOT Politically Popular (and Dangerous) Myth About Registered Citizens

Another attempt to pile on punishment for Registered Citizens has emerged in the Nebraska Legislature with Sen. Brett Lindstrom’s not-very-well-thought-out knee-jerk reaction to a court ruling.

Because a court correctly recognized that very few Registered Citizens are dangerous (despite what Nebraska law wrongly assumes), Lindstrom now wants to insert government into family matters in a way that is intrusive, wrong and will not protect anyone from harm.

Lindstrom’s proposed bill will give a vindictive former spouse a means to stir up a custody battle and victimize children, who should not become pawns in couples’ ugly divorce fights.

Nebraska senators considering this (and any other attempt to make bad law worse) should instead look at the facts — established by the Legislature itself — surrounding Registered Citizens:


People on Nebraska’s Registry are mostly not dangerous (UNO study commissioned by the Legislature).


Ever-expanding laws hammering Registered Citizens (motivated mostly by political ambition and NOT by concern for public safety) are not effective.


There are some sensible policy changes that lawmakers could make that would indeed create a safer Nebraska.

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