Bill proposed in response to RSO custody case

Nebraska State Sen. Brett Lindstrom is prepared to introduce a bill in response to a Supreme Court decision allowing two girls to remain in the home of a registered sex offender.

Joe Duggan reports in the Omaha World-Herald that the bill would make it harder for a parent who moves in with a registered citizen to maintain custody of his/her children.

The current law presumes a child is at risk when a felony sex offender occupies the same residence. But it also allows the parent who chooses to live with a sex offender to present evidence that mitigates the risk.If a judge finds the risk is not significant, the burden shifts to the parent seeking to remove the children…Lindstrom’s legislation, which he will introduce sometime after the Legislature convenes Wednesday, would amend the current law to say that unsupervised contact with sex offenders “shall be presumed to not be in the child’s best interests.”It would then be up to the parent to convince the court that living in unsupervised contact with a felony sex offender is in the child’s best interest.Another provision of Lindstrom’s bill would require one parent to notify the other in writing before allowing a sex offender to move in.

Read more in the Omaha World-Herald

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