Watch Catherine Carpenter’s presentation from 2016 RSOL Conference

One of the speakers at the 2016 RSOL National Conference was Southwestern Law School Professor Catherine Carpenter.

She spoke about children who are forced to register as sex offenders, and tied that into adult sex offender registration.

Watch the hour-long presentation here.

1 thought on “Watch Catherine Carpenter’s presentation from 2016 RSOL Conference

  1. I would like to know why hardly anybody raises the issue that the innocent family members – including children, are being forced to endure our government inciting violence and death up on us under the unconstitutional bill of attainder that robs US of our life, liberty,property, along with the pursuit of happiness, the freedom to exercise our religion, our right to privacy, our right to be secure in our person, houses, papers and effects,against unreasonable searches and seizures. A registrants freedom of speech (or not to speak,incriminate himself), his right to contract (or not to contract), and his right to not be held a slave or other involuntary servitude…

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