Call to Action: State Department to Brand Passports

Notice from Registrant TAG:

We are reaching out to all and affiliates to respond the recent State Department notice on implementation of the unique identifier provision of IML. public-inspection. 21087.pdf FR-2016-09-02/html/2016-21087. htm It was signed by: Bureau of Councilor Affairs   Sen   Senior Advisor David T Donahue 6826     202-647-9584 We request emails, faxes, phone calls etc be sent to the attached individuals to protest this implementation In ones own words but here are general talking points are as follows: “I (we) protest the State Department’s implementation of International Megans Law (IML) and the specific provision for a unique identifier on American Citizen’s passports. The notification provisions and the Passport Identifier marking the passport holder as a registered sex offender puts the lives of American citizens and their families in danger when traveling to foreign countries. As such, those Americans will be designated (by their own government) as unworthy of the protections afforded U.S. Citizens and invite abuses at the hands of foreign governments. So too will their families who accompany them be subjected to mistreatment by foreign governments whose standards may fall below those of the U.S. Reports already confirm American citizens and families have been harassed, threatened, items stolen, and travel plans destroyed by the current Angel Watch alert system. The passport mark will further identify the holder as a former offender to any who require passports in commerce, such as hotels and banks, who may also use this information as a means to extort or threaten the passport holder. Neither the notification or the passport mark will serve any role in curbing or curtailing child sexual exploitation as has been noted by leading experts. Instead, it will stifle legitimate travel, split families apart and prevent lawful international business activities. Statistics indicate, not only a low rate of re offense for former offenders, but that offenses are overwhelming committed by those not on sex offender registries.” Please send protest emails, fax and phone calls to : U.S. Department of State, Office of Civil Rights (S/OCR)   Email: socr_direct@state.govTel: (202) 647-9295 or (202) 647-9294  Fax: (202) 647-4969

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Passport Services (CA/PPT)Deputy Assistant Secretary Brenda Sprague 6826202-647-9584Special Assistant Dan Pauly SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6374Staff Assistant Zlatko Pasalic SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6387Managing Director, Issuance Operations FlorenceG. Fultz SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6379Director, Office of Management Analysis andCoordination William Wood SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6386Senior Advisor for International Affairs R. MichaelHolly SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6377Managing Director, Support Operations Barry J.Conway SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6372Director, Office of Program Management andOperational Support Aileen D Smith SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6547Acting Director, Office of Planning and ProgramSupport Winnie Fuentes SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6604Director, Office of Adjudication Don SimpkinsSA-17A 4th FL202-485-6611Director, Office of Passport Integrity and InternalControls Kelly Ozolek-Cella SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6649Director, Office of Acceptance Facility OversightCarmen Marrero SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6515Director, Office of Technical Operations AmandaJones SA-17A202-485-6511Director, Office of Passport Legal Affairs and LawEnforcement Liaison Jonathan Rolbin SA-17A 4thFL202-485-6590Staff Assistant Sara E Phillips SA-17 4th Floor202-485-6388Staff Assistant Carlos M Santamaria SA-17 4th Floor202-485-6389 Congressional Passport Supervisor Patience TaitSA-17A, Suite 3.200202-485-8226Director, Office of Passport Integrity and InternalControls Kelly Ozolek-Cella SA-17A 4th FL202-485-6649 Director, Office of Passport Legal Affairs and LawEnforcement Liaison Jonathan Rolbin SA-17A 4thFL Bureau of Councilor Affairs   Sen   Senior Advisor David T Donahue 6826     202-647-9584 Tweet John Kerry at @JohnKerry Contact congress with this link:  https://emailcongress. us/signup State Department Phone Directory documents/organization/112065. pdf

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