Is Law Enforcement Making Your Community More Dangerous? Learn About It Tonight at FEARLESS

Be at FEARLESS tonight and learn about the findings of University of Nebraska at Omaha research into the many varying ways Nebraska state law is enforced at the local level. Some highlights:

  • Implementation of Nebraska law on Registered Citizens varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Often, implementation practices influence the attitudes of children and other family members toward police.
  • It is possible that law enforcement behavior negatively affects public safety because some of their practices might encourage re-offending.
Lisa Sample, PhD, Reynolds Professor and Masters Program Coordinator at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at UNO, will present her research findings at FEARLESS tonight, Monday, April 18. Please join us for this informative session at 7 p.m. at Saint Michael Lutheran Church, 13232 Blondo Street, Omaha. We meet in the lower level — come in through the east entrance.
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