Colleges facing backlash from men accused of sexual misconduct

An article in the Washington Post explains how colleges are facing a legal backlash from young men who say they are unfairly targeted and punished in sexual assault investigations.

On the one hand is the need for schools to take such accusations seriously, but many students have been suspended or expelled – even when no criminal charges have been filed.

“We’re trying to walk the razor’s edge between being more attentive to the issue but still being fair to all our students,” said Dana Scaduto, general counsel at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, who has testified before Congress on the issue.At least 75 men have sued their schools since 2013, complaining largely of reverse discrimination and unfair disciplinary proceedings. Most were never charged with a crime because the accuser didn’t go to police or authorities decided there wasn’t enough evidence.

That includes a recent case involving a former Yale University basketball player.

You can read the Washington Post report here.

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