Registries Guarantee That Children Will Continue to Be Harmed

All of the laws restricting the activities of former sex offenders are nothing more than distractions that guarantee continued victimization of children.

Focusing on Registered Citizens means that we are not focusing on the true threat to children: People in their own homes and people who have authority over them.

The blog With Justice for All recently published an open letter to people who advocate for tougher sex-offender laws. Here are a few significant exceprts:

Statistics and studies tell us that virtually all children who are sexually abused are not random victims of offenders already registered. They are overwhelmingly victims of those in their lives with whom they are comfortable: their family members, their peers—fully a third of those who molest children are themselves children and juveniles—and their authority figures.

* * * 

Every dollar spent registering, tracking, monitoring, and legislating against registered citizens is a dollar not spent educating and empowering parents and victims against the overwhelmingly greater threat.

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Every minute focused on those on the registry is a minute not focused on those who are victims of sexual abuse in their own homes and other places in their everyday lives.

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1 thought on “Registries Guarantee That Children Will Continue to Be Harmed

  1. It goes without saying that the money could be well spent other places, but there's also the fact that the registry itself causes collateral damage to family members including children . If it saves one child. Then we should do away with the registry to protect the children. the registry sure isn't protecting children now.

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