Facts that Could Dispel Hysteria Go Unmentioned

Another case of a media outlet not necessarily creating hysteria over registered citizens living in a neighborhood, but missing an opportunity to dispel hysteria…or at least to ask whether it’s warranted.

The story from Edwardsville KS, near Kansas City, notes that while Missouri has residence restrictions, the state of Kansas has none.

Residents who live nearby said they’ve had to change their routines. 

“The house is locked all the time,” said Marilyn Johnson. “We never used to.” 

Residents said they went to City Hall with questions after learning the four tenants have convictions for murder, rape and other sex crimes. They were not happy with the answers. 

“We just couldn’t believe Kansas doesn’t have a law for this,” said resident Darrell Sands.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see, perhaps, an explanation of why Kansas has no residency restrictions…or whether Missouri’s restirctions make that state any safer. The story does note that there have been no issues with any of the tenants in question.

Neighbors and police said there have been zero issues so far with the tenants in Edwardsville, but that doesn’t ease concerns. 

“Everybody should have rights, but right now, it seems like they have more rights than we do, and I think that’s a little unfair,” said Sands.

How, one wonders, does being able to live – apparently peaceably – where one wants give one “more rights” than anyone else?

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