Cali High Court Strikes Down Residency Restrictions

State law restricting where Registered Citizens can live is unconstitutional, the California Supreme Court ruled on Monday, March 2, 2015.

The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by four former sex offenders in San Diego. A quote from the ruling:

Blanket enforcement of the residency restrictions against these parolees has severely restricted their ability to find housing in compliance with the statute, greatly increased the incidence of homelessness among them, and hindered their access to medical treatment, drug and alcohol dependency services, psychological counseling and other rehabilitative social services available to all parolees, while further hampering the efforts of parole authorities and law enforcement officials to monitor, supervise, and rehabilitate them in the interests of public safety. It thus has infringed their liberty and privacy interests, however limited, while bearing no rational relationship to advancing the state’s legitimate goal of protecting children from sexual predators, and has violated their basic constitutional right to be free of unreasonable, arbitrary, and oppressive official action.

Here’s a news story on the ruling.

Here’s the ruling itself.

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