From San Diego City Beat: Tier It Up

California has the biggest sex-offender registry in the U.S.—for no good reason

By Kelly Davis

California is one of only four states that require adults convicted of certain sex crimes to register with local law enforcement each year for life. Crime-free for 50 years? Bedridden? It doesn’t matter. This lifetime requirement has turned California’s registry into the largest in the country. There are roughly 800,000 registered sex offenders in the U.S., and around 100,000 of them live in California.

Tom Janenko, a detective with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department’s Sex Offender Management Unit, says he knows of registrants living in nursing homes, still required to annually let law enforcement know where they’re living. If they can’t come to Sheriff’s headquarters, someone will go to them.

“If they are physically capable of coming in, their caregivers will bring them in in wheelchairs,” Janenko says.

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