Hearing on Proposed Changes to Sex-offender Law is Set for Thursday, February 12

The Nebraska Legislature’s Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on LB 290, a bill that would bring Nebraska sex-offender law into minimal conformance with a years-old federal court ruling against the state, on Thursday, February 12.

Click here to read the introduced copy of the bill. Click here to read the court ruling that prompts the bill — very instructive in terms of U.S. District Court Judge Richard Kopf’s low opinion of a Nebraska law and the process that brought it about.

The hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in Room 1113 of the Nebraska State Capitol Building in Lincoln. Get there early if you want a good seat. If you want to testify, you can sign up to do so using forms that will be available in the hearing room.

LB 290 is a good start but it does not go far enough. Click here to see the additional changes endorsed as necessary by Nebraskans Unafraid (NU). If you plan to be in Lincoln for the hearing, you also should stop in to see your own representative — give him or her a copy of the NU position paper. Click here for guidance on how to identify and talk with your elected representative.

This is your chance to have your voice heard by those who hold the reins. If you stay home, then you better also shut up and stop complaining about the law.

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