Daily Beast on the Media Role in Making College Rape Culture Worse

An excerpt from an excellent piece from The Daily Beast:

” . . . hysteria over a rape culture sheds no light and produces no solutions. Panic breeds chaos and mob justice. It claims innocent victims, undermines social trust, and distracts attention from genuine cases of abuse.

“ ‘Pity, wrath, heroism, filled them, but the power of putting two and two together was annihilated.’ These words are from E.M. Forster’s 1924 novel A Passage to India. He is describing the panic among ‘good citizens’ following a highly dubious rape accusation. But he could have been talking about the current hysteria over the campus ‘rape culture.’ The frenzy will die down when the stories of the falsely accused become too much for the public to bear.”

Read The Media Is Making College Rape Culture Worse.

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