Mother Jones Magazine on the ‘Alternatives’ That Feed the Offender Industry

Mother Jones has a great piece about all the “alternatives” to prison, many of which amount to little more than income opportunities for the sex-offender industry.

Here is an excerpt:

As mass incarceration is falling out of fashion—it’s been denounced by figures across the political spectrum from Eric Holder to Newt Gingrich—a whole slate of “alternatives to incarceration” has arisen. From electronic monitoring and debilitating forms of probation to mandatory drug testing and the sort of “predictive policing” that turns communities of color into open-air prisons, these alternatives are regularly presented as necessary “reforms” for a broken system.

It’s worth remembering, however, that when the modern prison emerged in the late eighteenth century, it, too, was promoted as a “reform,” a positive replacement for corporal or capital punishment. Early prison reformers—many of them Quakers bent on repentance and redemption—suggested that cutting people off from the rest of the world would bring them closer to God. (The word “penitentiary” comes, of course, from “penitence.”)

Read the story here.

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