A Heartfelt Apology

From one of us:

Statement of public apology 

I apologize for all the horrific things that I have done to those I hurt – my blameless victims, my friends – some who stood by me through prison, my family who suffered for my crime, and humbly ask each and every one to forgive me.

As a contrite but still registered citizen, I would like to publicly apologize to all those I have hurt. First I must emphasize for those who might think otherwise, I am in no way excusing my actions or laying any blame whatsoever on anyone else. I alone take responsibility for my irrational thinking decisions and actions that put me into prison to rightfully serve my time and probation after my sentence was completed.

One of the reasons I am making this public apology is because both Nebraska and California law (the State where I served my time) state: “You shall have no contact with your victims, including correspondence, telephone contact, or communication through a third party…”  I know my victims suffered greatly from what I did to them. Many victims take a long time to recover and some may never. I know some would like to know their perpetrator shows some kind of remorse for what they did, but the law does not allow this. (The Nebraska Parole office may, if asked, but California said to me “Don’t even think of doing this!”)

Another reason that I have discovered is the incredible damage I and others like me have done to our families. There are many members that won’t talk or even allow us to be near any family function because of our publicly perceived “piranha” status and shame we bring. Therefore on my behalf and others in a similar circumstance, I offer an apology and ask forgiveness to all family members for what we did to dishonor our family name as well as all the harm we have caused.

Finally I need to apologize publicly to my daughter who will not listen or talk to me and permit me to ask for her forgiveness.  I sadly discovered that many others who committed similar crimes, have these experiences too. So to all the daughters who have been betrayed by their fathers: I offer an apology and encouragement to explore the possibility that this bitter and angry attitude may be softened and perhaps healed. And furthermore, even restored if you could trust God and listen to the sorrow and remorse offered by your family member that you have shunned and divorced from your life.

Genuinely remorseful,
Kenneth Ackerman