A Registered Citizen’s Manifesto

I refuse to believe there is nothing I can do. I refuse to whine.

I refuse to be silent in the face of state-sanctioned hatred, in the face of laws designed to destroy me and my family. I will not be broken by a vicious system.

If no one will hire me, I will create my own work. I will learn to be an entrepreneur.

If no one will rent to me, then I will learn how to create my own shelter.

If no one will help me, then I will learn to be independent.

So far as is possible, I will not support or patronize places that would not hire a Registered Citizen.

I will never forget that I am for the most part responsible for my situation. I have paid the legally prescribed penalty for my offense. I pay no attention to those who think I should continue to suffer for the rest of my life — they are suffering in their own ways and I cannot help them.

I will live out each day in dignity and I will never stop seeking ways to manifest compassion for the victims as well as the perpetrators of crime. The road is long and hellish for both. Only those of us who have traveled it understand. We must be here with open arms, awaiting those who are coming along behind us.

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