2014 in Review: Sex Offender, Murderer, Beloved of God

Seventh in a series reviewing some of the most popular NebraskaFACTS posts of 2014.

July 2014

Sometimes we lose the perspective that is necessary to help us emerge from shame. At such times, it’s good to remember that

You Might Feel Like Scum, But at Least You’re Not as Bad as King David

1 thought on “2014 in Review: Sex Offender, Murderer, Beloved of God

  1. Anonymous

    King David was refereed too as a man after Gods own heart. What persons who are passing judgements on others need to understand, is there is nothing new under the sun in Gods eyes. Marry Magdalen; King David, even King Davids own son was all sex offenders in that time. Having sex with a married man or woman or while you are married is a sex offense in Gods eyes. God places no degrees on sin only man does.

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