Where Have We Heard This Before? Whip Up Hysterical Fear and Rake in the Tax Dollars (and Votes)

We’re happy to be so not alone.

This blog has been diligent in exposing how profitable it is for certain groups to manufacture hysteria over sexual offending. There is in fact a burgeoning sex offender industry in our nation, and some of those who benefit are for-profit prison operators, makers of GPS bracelet technology, law enforcement hungry for money to become ever more militarized and the politicians who lick the boots of all of the above. And it’s all funded by you, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Taxpayer.

USA Today weighs in today with an op-ed piece on the phony Rolling Stone campus rape story, using real research statistics, evidence and cool logic to break down what really is happening. (Not to brag, but it reads like a NebraskaFACTS post. Well, OK. That is bragging).

For instance, are you aware that according to the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, the rate of sexual assault for college students is lower than for non-students? And that 1-in-5 college rape number you keep hearing is just plain bogus?

Here is an excerpt:

This kind of hysteria may be ugly, but for campus activists and bureaucrats it’s a source of power: If there’s a “campus rape crisis,” that means that we need new rules, bigger budgets, and expanded power and self-importance for all involved, with the added advantage of letting you call your political opponents (or anyone who threatens funding) “pro rape.” If we focus on the truth, however — rapidly declining rape rates already, without any particular “crisis” programs in place — then voters, taxpayers, and university trustees will probably decide to invest resources elsewhere. So for politicians and activists, a phony crisis beats no crisis.

Read the entire thing.

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