We Hear Your Voice When No One Else Will Listen

None of us wants to believe that law enforcement personnel, whose salaries are paid by our tax dollars, are capable of horrendously illegal acts. But reality tells us they are (just one example). 
All of us want to believe that “innocent until proven guilty” is a muscular feature of our criminal justice system. And absolutely none of us wants to believe that a victim is lying. But if you have been the target of a sexual accusation, you know that all it takes is an accusation to destroy your life; whether the accusation is true has little to do with it.
We provide below the broad outlines of what happened to one man in Nebraska. He’s now a registered citizen living in another state.
Admittedly, this is his side and his side only. Unfortunately, he never had an opportunity to have the facts of this case weighed by an impartial jury. His is a lonely voice in the wilderness that others refuse to hear. This is an abbreviated version of what happened to him:

When she was well over the age of 18, a woman accused him of having sex with her when she was as young as 11.

However, medical evidence showed that the allegations could not be true. The original charges were dismissed and replaced with other charges. The court-appointed attorney told the accused that everything could be made to “go away” for $30,000.

Of course, the accused didn’t have that kind of money. So he was pressured into a plea agreement. He was told that if he pled guilty to a misdemeanor, he would not have to register as a sex offender. That was one of a number of lies they fed him to obtain his plea.

When he realized he had been lied to, he attempted to tell his story to state and federal authorities, who refused to listen (presumably because a sexual accusation was at the center of the story).

He spent more than six months behind bars for something he did not do. He now lives in another state, but he continues to be harassed and hounded by law enforcement on the occasions when he visits Nebraska.

If you have a story that no one else will listen to because a sexual accusation was involved, and you want to share it, please email it to us.
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