U.K. Park Looks at Single Adults and Sees Pedophiles

Irrational hysteria over sex offenders does not stop at the borders of Nebraska or even the USA.

In the U.K., Puxton Park will not admit any unaccompanied individual men or women for fear that a pedophile might get in. That’s a bit like cooking up a big pot of soup and then tossing it all out for fear (not proof) there’s a fly in it. This demonstrates how incredibly out of whack things can get when all sexual offenders are confused erroneously with pedophiles.

Here are the FACTS about pedophilia: There are specific diagnostic criteria for pedophilia, which is a sexual interest in prepubescent children. The Annual Review of Clinical Psychology says that among all sexual offenders, only a very few — under 5 percent — are pedophiles. Of offenders whose victims are children, fully one-half do not meet the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia and are least likely to reoffend.

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