Happy Halloween!

Some responsible Halloween reporting:

Sex offenders are the closest thing we have to real-life monsters on Halloween—and surely, few things can horrify a parent like the thought of his or her child being snatched up by a pervert while trick-or-treating. But there is no evidence that children are more likely to be abducted, assaulted, or abused on Halloween than on any other day. Crime data from the National Incident-Based Reporting System show that there is no recorded spike in sex crimes before or after the holiday. 

Unfair Halloween Persecution?

No governmental body may prohibit anyone from ringing someone else’s doorbell at any time for any legitimate purpose, nor may the government prohibit anyone from giving “treats” to visitors at any time. Simply put, the residents of Louisiana have the Constitutional right to ring doorbells on any date and time they choose asking for treats, and all have the right to receive visitors and give them treats at any time. 

Sheriffs Need Schooling in the Law

And here is the Safe Kids Worldwide guide to Halloween safety. Registered citizens are not even mentioned.

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