Tell Us Again How Sex-Offender Laws Protect Children?

One day, sex offender laws will become so preposterous that even the mother of the “Megan” of Megan’s Law will denounce them.

Oh, wait. That day is here.

Maureen Kanka of New Jersey, whose daughter became the law’s namesake, blasted prosecutors who have charged a 14-year-old girl who posted some nude photos of herself to her MySpace page. The child, charged with producing child porn under New Jersey’s sex-offender statutes, would have to register as a sex offender if convicted.

The child needs help, not legal problems, Maureen Kanka said.

“This shouldn’t fall under Megan’s Law in any way, shape or form. She should  have an intervention and counseling, because the only person she exploited was  herself,” she said.

Harsh sex-offender laws are sold to a frightened gullible public as a means to protect children. Research, including work done recently in Nebraska, shows that the laws do not protect children and in fact make communities more dangerous.

Ironic, isn’t it, that out-of-control prosecutors now are using these laws against little children?

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