N.Y. News Media Expose Residency Restrictions as Useless Politicians’ Trick

New York news media are on top of the latest information about residency restrictions, and they’re not holding back in reporting it.

Residency restrictions — which are common in Nebraska — are now shown by research to accomplish NOTHING for public safety, and might in fact make your community more dangerous.

We don’t see anything on this from Nebraska news media. So take some time to look at the material coming out of New York. Here’s an excerpt:

The unfortunate thing about this situation is that laws designed to restrict where sex offenders can live are really and truly useless, except as a means of politicians scoring easy political points by ratcheting up hysteria. There are many tricky social-scientific issues on which there are a range of opinions and some degree of debate among experts, but this isn’t one of them. Among those whose job it is to figure out how to reduce the rate at which sex offenders commit crimes (as opposed to those whose job it is to get reelected, in part by hammering away at phantom threats), there is zero controversy: These laws don’t work, and may actually increase sexual offenders’ recidivism rates.

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