THESE People Run Nebraska’s Corrections System?????????????

These are the people running Nebraska’s corrections system? (Click here).

Remember that this system is overseen by the very elected officials, like the governor and the attorney general, who are now pointing fingers of blame and trying to dodge responsibility for this mess.

We have legal counsel for the system that does not read State Supreme Court rulings. And never forget that the 2009 law that placed you and your family on the state’s public shaming website was not read by the senators who passed it. My own representative in the Legislature does not give a damn about the damage done by this law.

All of this — all of it — has to change. An election is coming up. If you are eligible to vote and you do not turn out to throw these incompetents out of office, you give up your right to complain (in my opinion).

If you completed your sentence more than two years ago and you have not reoffended, you are eligible to vote in Nebraska. Get registered. To vote, I mean.

Never forget that voting registered citizens, their family members and friends helped to kick Jon Bruning to the curb. Good. But that’s just a start.