Slate Reporting Richly Researched, Supported With Facts, Rooted in Reality

Recommended reading for everyone in Nebraska: Slate’s insightful series on the downright stupidity of sex-offender laws.

Each of these pieces is richly researched, supported with facts and rooted in reality. How enlightened we might be if Nebraska news media were capable of reporting like this.

Take the time to read all five installments of this series. It will be good for you.

Our draconian policies about sex offenses reflect our ignorance of them:
Sex Offender Laws Have Gone Too Far

Three maps show states that register people as sex offenders for consensual teenage sex, peeing in public, and prostitution:
The Ridiculous Laws That Put People on the Sex Offender List

In some states, people face a lifetime of restrictions for nonviolent offenses committed decades ago:
Listed for Life

Several states ban people in the registry from a bizarre list of jobs:
Not Wanted: Sex Offenders

The best ideas for fixing sex offender laws:
Reforming the Registry

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