Extortionist Charles Rodrick Gets It in the Shorts

The sun is setting on extortionist and sex-offender industry superstar Charles Rodrick of Arizona, owner of websites that work in combination with the Nebraska State Patrol’s site to blackmail registered citizens.

The websites owned by Rodrick include Online Detective, Offendex, SORarchives and SexOffenderRecord. According to court records, the Offendex website received revenues in excess of $30,000 per month. A federal district court in Arizona this week entered a default judgment against Rodrick in a lawsuit filed by registered citizens from five states. The court agreed that Rodrick and others he controlled violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act by extorting money from individuals in order to have their personal information removed from those websites.

The plaintiffs want the websites taken down. They also seek punitive damages, attorney fees and court costs.

If what follows seems to have a slightly bitter tone, remember what the research at the University of Nebraska-Omaha is showing: The State of Nebraska, in combination with the Charles Rodricks of the world, is destroying families, creating joblessness and homelessness and ruining kids’ lives — all based on the corrupt notion that its OK to abuse a group of people.

Here’s hoping that:

1) Rodrick is reduced to abject poverty and lives a long and pain-filled life before enduring years of dementia, then slowly dies alone and in obscurity (well, that’s intemperate . . . I don’t really want that happen . . . please forgive my lapse in compassion);

2) this is the first stride in dismantling the entire sex-offender industry, which encompasses not only scum like Rodrick but the complicity of politicians who insist on pushing former offender laws like the one we have in Nebraska;

3) the plaintiffs in this lawsuit immediately retire to live in wealthy comfort underwritten by all of the cash that can possibly be generated from Rodrick and his ilk.

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