You Might Feel Like Scum, But at Least You’re Not as Bad as King David

Just finished reading a moving piece of writing by a friend of mine. She is married to a former sex offender, and she wrote about the network of support that surrounds her family. She is fortunate (and enterprising) enough to have lots of people in her life who know about forgiveness and practice compassion.
Of this group, she wrote that it does not view her husband as a terrible person, but as a very good person who committed a terrible act.
That put me in mind of David (the one in the Old Testament). We regard King David with reverence. David. You know David. The guy who was so intent upon sleeping with another man’s wife that he arranged things so that her husband would be killed.
Our King David, driven by lust, basically committed murder to satisfy his lust.
Whenever I start to think I am the worst scum in the world for committing a sex crime, I remind myself that at least I’m not as bad as King David, the talented musician and songwriter who wrote the Psalms, slew Goliath and had a city named after him. 
The City of David. 
The Alpha Point on Earth for three great faiths.
Named for a sex-offender/murderer.

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  1. Even King Arthur, who has reveared as being one of the greatest European Kings a shining example of justice would be considered a sex offender because he was involved in an incestuous relation with his sister Morgan la Faye.

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